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Third young scientists meeting explores policy implications for the hydrogen economy 

The Young Scientists Meetings serve as an informal platform for the budding researchers engaged in the Green H2 Portfolio projects. These gatherings foster communication, provide insights into project advancements, and promote innovation among the young minds shaping the future of sustainable energy. 

Coordinated by the OHPERA Project, the third Young Scientists Meeting, also known as Focus Group #2, convened last March 12th with a focus on the intersection of policy and practice in the hydrogen economy. Titled “From policy to practice: Exploring the CRM Act’s Role in the H2 Economy“, the session featured esteemed speakers shedding light on critical aspects of hydrogen policy and its implications for industry stakeholders. 

Daniel Cios, Policy Officer from the European Commission’s DG Growth, kicked off the session with a discussion on the CRM Act as a foundational framework for the hydrogen economy. This was followed by an engaging Q&A session, providing attendees with the opportunity to delve deeper into policy intricacies. 

The meeting continued with insights from Patrice Millet, another Policy Officer from the European Commission’s DG Growth, who explored the needs and challenges of critical raw materials (CRM) in the hydrogen sector. The subsequent discussion underscored the importance of addressing these challenges to ensure the sustainability and scalability of hydrogen technologies. 

The session continued on a high note with Prof. Johannes Lercher from Technische Universität München, a partner of the EPOCH project, sharing valuable perspectives on the use of modelling in designing non-CRM catalysts. His expertise provided attendees with valuable insights into innovative approaches to catalyst development for sustainable hydrogen production. 

Finally, Mariana Marques, from the EIC Tech 2 Market venture building programme, presented the application steps and the phases of a unique EIC service that aims at bringing innovations to the market by offering tailor-made support according to the projects’ team’s needs and maturity level.

The event wrapped up with closing remarks from Evelina Castellana of LOMARTOV, emphasising the significance of collaboration and knowledge exchange in driving progress within the Green H2 Portfolio projects. 

These Young Scientists Meetings continue to serve as a platform for innovation, fostering collaboration and driving advancements in the pursuit of a sustainable hydrogen economy.



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