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Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in OHPERA: Conducting the first session with the consortium  

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is a methodology that involves an anticipated and self-reflective process of R&I that involves sharing insights about how innovations could benefit and embrace all types of stakeholders and society, with the final goal of a responsible commitment to societal values, needs, and expectations.

The OHPERA consortium initiated the RRI process implementation, framed within Task 5.4 and led and supported by LOMARTOV. The main goal was to introduce key concepts and dimensions of RRI, aiming to drive a reflective and anticipatory session, sharing current viewpoints and ideas to motivate the adoption of responsiveness in the innovation of the project. Each partner concluded with their opinions and recommendations on how the RRI is embedded in the project and successfully setting a common understanding ground.  

Figure 1. Conclusions about the OHPERA partners’ RRI vision 

The RRI methodology and the process steps will be publicly reported in the forthcoming deliverable D5.3. Guidelines for social awareness and acceptance. 

Stay updated with the latest OHPERA news and advancements as we continue to support Responsible Research and Innovation!

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