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Project Milestones: Paving the Way for OHPERA’s Success

Embarking on a journey of scientific excellence, OHPERA proudly presents two significant milestones. ICIQ‘s computational breakthrough in lead-free perovskite materials and the OHPERA website, connecting our community with project goals and developments.

Computational Breakthrough in Pb-Free Perovskite Materials

ICIQ reached this milestone last October, marking a year of intense computational exploration. Simulating 3D and low-dimensional perovskites, ICIQ utilised ab initio tools within density functional theory. From structural parameters to electronic bands and absorption spectra, the team analysed a spectrum of perovskite variants. The findings, delving into the roles of cations and halides, serve as a blueprint for designing highly efficient and stable photoelectrodes. This computational journey does not only enhance our understanding of lead-free perovskite materials but also opens new avenues for solar energy applications.

Launching the OHPERA Website

At the beginning of the OHPERA journey, LOM achieved a significant milestone with the creation of the OHPERA website. Designed for accessibility and responsiveness, serves as the primary portal to inform society, researchers, and end-users about project goals, results, and ongoing developments. Maintained beyond the project’s end, it stands as a dynamic repository of key outcomes regularly updated with the latest news.

Within OHPERA, there are still many milestones to reach. Stay tuned as we celebrate them all with you!


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