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Project in the Spotlight: OHPERA’s Media Presence

As OHPERA pushes the boundaries of clean energy solutions, our approach has captured the attention of the Spanish media. Numerous outlets have showcased our project, highlighting its potential to revolutionise hydrogen production. From major news agencies like EFE and El Mundo to regional TV coverage on À Punt or Tarragona Ràdio, the media recognises OHPERA’s significance in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

Spanish Media Embrace OHPERA’s Vision

OHPERA’s innovative mission to create green hydrogen using solar energy and industrial waste has ignited a media frenzy in Spain. Leading news agencies, including EFE and El Mundo, have featured articles explaining our project’s goals and its potential as a game-changer in hydrogen production. The media coverage underscores how OHPERA contributes to the circular economy, transforming waste into high-value chemical products at a competitive cost.

You can read the full news here (in original language):


Television Feature on À Punt Media

The impact of OHPERA extends to the screen, with a notable appearance on À Punt, a Spanish regional TV channel. Our project took centre stage in the evening news bulletin on January 6th, reaching a broader audience and spreading awareness about the transformative work happening within our consortium.


Tarragona Radio and EIC Green Hydrogen Portfolio Recognition

The journey of OHPERA was further chronicled in Tarragona Ràdio, emphasising the challenges and promises of creating green hydrogen. Additionally, our project received recognition in the EIC Green Hydrogen Portfolio e-newsletter, solidifying OHPERA’s position as a frontrunner in sustainable energy solutions.

Stay tuned to explore the media coverage that amplifies OHPERA’s impact and role in shaping a cleaner energy future!


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